An attraction to this art hatched at a young and tender age, 
fluttering from the exhilaration of taking countless snapshots,
nesting in the darkroom among black and white film reels, 
and later cultivated in the residual glow of flashing studio lights, 
my passion for portrait photography has taken flight and continues to soar for over a decade.

I’ve learned that I get true energy and excitement in planning and organizing subtle details.
Occasionally, that can tend to frustratingly melt into a beautiful spontaneous mess, perhaps an outcome more enjoyable than fine-tuned. (Surely this may be in regards to a photoshoot, or even trying a new burger recipe.) 

In any instance, it is my desire and dedication to each client to capture lasting portraits, pause meaningful instants in time, and create something memorable worth coming back for. I strive to be your photographer, for life. In the words of infamous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

Let’s connect and plan something extraordinary together!